We know how much you rely on locks, so we want to ensure high-quality and prompt repair so you can feel safe once again. We have over 30 years of lock repair experience, so rely on us for all your lock issues.

Additionally, we have experience with both residential and business locks. We know that these buildings have different access and security needs, so we can look at all types of locks, diagnose the issue, and make the necessary repairs.

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Locks are what keep us safe and allow us entrance to our homes and businesses. However, if you have broken locks, you might feel unsafe or not be able to access your property. Key One is here to help. Get in touch with us today in Tucson, AZ, for our lock repair services.

How Can We Help?

Lock Repair Services in Tucson, AZ

We’ve experienced a wide spectrum of lock issues. Do you have:

  • A lock that won’t latch? Something in your lock is out of alignment, such as the strike plate. In that case, we can look the lock over and make repairs as necessary.
  • A lock that is frozen? You may have wear and tear, a broken component, or built-up debris. We can figure out the issues and repair the problem.
  • A deadbolt that is stuck? If you can’t move your deadbolt, you might have loose or unaligned parts. We’ll look over your deadbolt system and fix the issue we find.
  • A key that broke off in the lock? While you might be able to retrieve the key, sometimes you can’t. If so, we can get the remaining key parts from the lock.

Whatever the lock issue you have, rely on us to fix it.

What Lock Issue Do You Have?

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